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Tish Kirkland

Greetings and welcome!

I have been teaching English as a Second/Foreign language since 2002 and started teaching IELTS 2003. Prior to that, I was the training manager for The Body Shop New Zealand.

My interest in global education arose from my own school years, during which I attended local schools in New Zealand and Canada, and an international school in Saudi Arabia.

I have worked as an English language teacher and examiner in England, Tunisia, New Zealand, and Australia, and as Director of Studies and School Manager in Ireland. Now I teach students from all around the world face-to-face in my adopted home-town of Brisbane and online through my Moodle-supported e-courses.

My specialisations are IELTS Writing and IELTS Speaking.

Having personally faced the challenges of living and working abroad, I am passionate about helping others get their English language qualifications so that they can enjoy a positive experience in an English-speaking country.

NEWS: I volunteered in Samoa from 14 - 29 September 2012. You can read more about my trip here.

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