Mohamad  (Egypt)

I've really enjoyed the lessons that I had with Tish, I can say that she loves her work, and when it comes to teaching she provides an unmatched level of quality and a high service grade. She would secure the necessary resources whenever needed and she does not leave a question unanswered.

Before joining her speaking course, my band score in speaking was 6.5, and after joining her course I was able to get 7 in speaking, which was what I needed. Final results: S7.5 W8 L7.5 R7.5

Sharon (China)

I have tried IELTS many times and my purpose is to get 7 in each section. The most challenging thing for me is to pass writing and speaking at the same time which meant my performance was not stable. So I enrolled in Tish's online course, both speaking and writing. She pointed out my mistakes and helped me a lot.

The things she taught are critical for my result. After two weeks of her excellent teaching, I passed. I highly appreciate Tish's help.


Fist of all I would like to say thank you for offering such a great course! This course helped me to develop my time management skill which is the most crucial for the writing part.

As well as this, now I know the hints which will make my writing look more consistent than it was before. Also the important part of the lessons is that you get a response from the tutor and learn on your own mistakes as it helps to remember them much better than learning lessons from the textbook.

I would call this course as a "fast-track" to getting a high score and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a quick preparation.

Soha (Egypt)

I should thank Ms. Tish for her enormous support to me during my study of the IELTS exam. During my Speaking and General Writing course with her, she was very professional and expert in giving me a detailed feedback for my speaking skills which improved my score to get a 7 in Speaking.

Her Writing lessons are extremely beneficial; she has a very unique style in teaching through easy-to-follow steps, enhanced by several exercises to boost each skill in your own pace. Also in this course she offered me a meticulous feedback of my essay’s writing so I knew how to understand, analyze, and organize my essay in the way that get my targeted score.

I believe that I would save my money and effort if I started these lessons with Ms. Tish since I started to study the IELTS. I definitely recommend her lessons to any one wants to get a high score.

Freddy (Hong Kong)

The difference between 6.5 and 7.0 seems to be a small gap, but having attempted IELTS several times with my writing and speaking results hovering at 6.5, I realised that such a 0.5 difference was not a piece of cake to me and had to find someone to help me out.

Impressed by Tish’s profound experience and qualifications, I enrolled in her online writing course and speaking class without hesitation.

I found her writing online course extremely well organised and useful. The techniques that I learnt from her course did improve my essay structure and bring my essays to a whole new level. Furthermore, I received timely constructive and clear feedback from Tish on my assignments so that I could understand my weaknesses and made quick and conspicuous progress within three weeks’ time.

The face-to-face speaking classes with Tish were also fabulous and awesome. She not only identified my errors, but also suggested ways for improvements.

With the great help from Tish, I eventually managed to achieve band 7 in both writing and speaking. Thanks so much, Tish! You put a stop to my endless nightmares and brought me a step closer to my dream!

Kamal (Australia)

I tried 2 times IELTS before, but I was having same bands with 6.5 in writing and speaking, then I got guidance from Tish, and in the next exam I achieved my target (7 in each) . She helped me to improve my mistakes, which was highly required.

Mami (Japan / Australia)

Tish is an excellent teacher, giving me the right feedback and advice. She is a real IELTS professional.  I recommend Tish to anyone who is struggling with IELTS. I’d been studying for IELTS by myself and was unsuccessful getting my target of 8 in speaking for two years.  After the fourth fail, I realized that I really needed a teacher to improve my speaking.

I found Tish on the Internet (www.yes-ielts.com) and booked the first speaking lesson. She was really friendly and made me feel comfortable. In the lesson, she pointed out my strengths and weaknesses straight away and advised me how I could improve my speaking score. Her advice made it crystal clear what I should work on, so I worked hard on these areas.

After two months, I took an another speaking lesson with Tish.  To my surprise, she remembered me and noticed my improvement. Tish encouraged me a lot at end of the speaking session as my IELTS exam was the following week. Her reassurance made me feel confident.

I couldn’t believe my results! I got 8 in speaking!!

Without her right advice and encouragement, I wouldn’t have been able to get this score. If you are having a difficult time, I recommend you to talk with Tish. She can help you and make your dream come true.

MJK (Korea/Australia)

I wanted to say how thankful I am for your support and language feedback. I believe IELTS test is not just a simple English test but it can change peoples' lives.

I've been studying the test for 8 months and received my feedback from various people who have absolutely no knowledge in the IELTS. You are such an expert in that area and do know what to expect in the writing.

Now, I can stay in Australia. I love Australia and it has became my second home.

Antony (India)

Hi my name is Antony Shelly and, I just finished my Bachelors in Nursing. For the registration purpose I needed a score of 7 in all modules of IELTS.  In three of my previous attempts, each time I got a score of 6.5 in writing. I did not have a clue where I was going wrong in writing, until one of my friends suggested Tish.  On my very next attempt I got a score of 7.5 in writing. She exactly pointed out the mistakes that I was making and suggested strategies to correct them.

Tish provides classes according to your requirements. She is quite flexible with her classes. If you think you require more training, then I would recommend the whole package which she offers to all students. Moreover, Tish is quite friendly: someone you can easily get along with which makes the learning environment more relaxing and comforting.

If anyone is experiencing or having doubts about his or her writing skills, then look no further - just go to Tish. I can definitely guarantee that you will pass with flying colours. Thank you Tish for giving me your valuable advice which really paid off.

Cathy (Hong Kong)

I strongly recommend people who are seeking to obtain a score of 7 or higher in IELTS to work with Tish immediately. Prior to a lesson with Tish, I took IELTS for few times and I always obtained either a score of 6.5 or 6 in writing task. So, I took lessons with Tish within 2 weeks. After that, I finally got a score of 7 in writing. Tish is an excellent teacher with good communication skills which I always feel comfortable and productive during and after each lesson. Thank you so much, Tish.

Christina (China)

You are an excellent IELTS teacher! You corrected my writing to a whole new level. It just sounds better with all your polishing!

Hazem H. (Jordan)

I received my IELTS results this morning for the exam I did it on 7-Sep and I can't believe my eyes: L 7.5, R 7, W 7.5, S 7.5!

All the thanks for you, now I am scoring in the writing the highest score between all the modules where I was struggling with 6s and 6.5s for the last 10 months.

I am telling everyone I know who is taking IELTS and struggling like I did about you, and highly recommend them to take the writing course with you.

Anita (India)

The decision to choose Tish as my tutor and guide was my greatest strength in my attempt to get the required band scores in IELTS. The test requires certain skills to master and this was possible because of her expert guidance and patient teaching and follow up. 

Tish comes with a wide experience in English teaching and IELTS test preparation and her credentials are well laid out in her website. This gives the confidence that you are with the right teacher.

Her online writing course is tremendous as she deals with the essay writing step by step with prompt and regular feedback. The essays are marked thoroughly so one cannot repeat mistakes as they are corrected and explained.

I had training for about 45 days and she motivated and encouraged me as I submitted every tutorial and I saw a steady progress in my performance. Long distance speaking course (premium) was equally good and she helped me to answer questions using a wide range of vocabulary and also remain focussed. Yes. No, Not Given-Reading courses were an added benefit.

Thank you, Tish for your valuable guidance, teaching, motivation, encouragement that saw me through the test within a short period. I am glad I enrolled in your courses and made it with L-9, R-7, W-7 and S-7.5.

Silvia (Australia)

I am so glad to learn from you! You have taught me a lot. Thank you!!!

Neer (Israel)

I heard about Tish from Dominic Cole's website (which is most recommended by the way) and actually I feel that taking lessons with Tish was one of my smartest moves on my way to sit the IELTS.

She has been most helpful in diagnosing my weaknesses as well as my skills.

Her remarks have been always much detailed and well put in such a way that has always been effective. Thanks Tish.

Simon (Russia)

In the previous three IELTS test attempts I did well enough with reading and listening, but got stuck with 6.5 in writing and speaking. While reading and listening skills could be readily improved by self-learning and doing exercises freely available on the web, the advance in writing and speaking required a feedback from an experienced tutor. Moreover, both writing and speaking are evaluated subjectively and one needs an IELTS expert to learn the specific things which are necessary to impress examiners. My acquaintance, who managed to pass IELTS quite easily, recommended me Tish’s courses.

I am very glad that I took his advice because finally, I got my 7 scores. YES-IELTS is exactly the place for somebody like me who needs 7 in all IELTS modules but cannot reach it because of the gap between 6 or 6.5 and 7 requirements.

The courses are exceedingly targeted and give all the tricks needed for success. I regret only that my overconfidence prevented me from going for Tish’s tuition from the start of my IELTS preparations. It would have saved me so much time and trouble.

Henry (Vietnam)

My name is Hoang (Henry) Le. I was desperately in need of obtaining IELTS 7.0 overall for migration purposes in August 2009. Having failed in a few attempts, I decided to contact Patricia (Tish) for IELTS writing and speaking lessons. I chose her among a number of qualified IELTS/English tutors in Brisbane due to her outstanding profile and extraordinary experience as an ESL teacher and IELTS examiner. What a decision! The effective lessons and critical feedback she gave helped me to secure IELTS overall band 8.0 (R: 8.5, L: 8.0, W: 8.0, S: 8.0). Thank you so much for help Tish!

Ken (China)

I have completed my courses in the uni and just lodged my application for the permanent residency. Thank you for the help with my IELTS which is very important and critical to me. Wish you well and every success of your business.

Evelina (Russia)

Myself and a friend of mine suddenly found ourselves in a weird situation where we had only 2 weeks to improve our IELTS writing score from notoriously repeating 6.5 to the required 7. A decision was taken to ask an expert for help. If it hadn't been for Tish, I doubt we would have achieved our goal of scoring 7 in writing. She has been consistent, very motivating and worked precisely on our mistakes. As a result, we've both got 7 in writing after just 2 weeks extensive training under Tish's control. I am advising her to my friends as well.

Matt (Hong Kong)

Thank you, Tish! If it had not been for your feedback, I couldn't have hit a band 8 in the writing test. Scoring a band 8 - particularly in the writing test - is no easy task. All the same, with the tips given by Tish, I had a firmer grasp of the writing test and knew what areas I needed to work harder on and pay more attention to.

Tish possesses relevant and invaluable experience in marking essays, and because of this, she gave me feedback and suggestions that helped me improve very quickly and pointed me towards a higher level, enabling me to get a higher band score.

If you want to improve yourself or want to learn the basics of IELTS writing from scratch, Tish is second to none. I'm sure under Tish's expert guidance, you will make a marked difference. Start preparing for the test earlier, and you will attain your goal very soon!

Alex (Australia)

I always felt a lack of confidence in my writing and wanted someone professional and experienced to check my essays. Eventually I found some information on tutors who offer such support from the well-known and well-loved Dominic Cole's IELTS website. Tish gave useful advice and even compliments when she thought I had written a good essay. More importantly she could score my essays according to her experience and professional knowledge of IELTS, which I think is very accurate. I got a 7 in the GT writing module which is really consistent with the usual scores she gave me for my practice essays. I have just received my exam result as the very best new year gift and I really appreciate Tish's help! My final scores were: L-9, R-9, W-7, S-8.5.